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Product code: RT17820472

Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Set 72x20ml

Royal Talens
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The Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Set of 72 Colours by Royal Talens contains every standard colour from the 20ml Amsterdam Acryics range plus 2 extra tubes of Titanium White. These great quality acrylics are bright and vibrant, and this enormous set is the ideal starting point for the acrylic painter, as well as for crafters and hobbyists.

Included in this set are the following colours:
104 Zinc White, 3x 105 Titanium White, 222 Naples Yellow Light, 223 Naples Yellow Deep, 224 Naples Yellow Red, 227 Yellow Ochre, 231 Gold Ochre, 234 Raw Sienna, 243 Greenish Yellow, 253 Gold Yellow, 267 Azo Yellow Lemon,  268 Azo Yellow Light, 269 Azo Yellow Medium, 270 Azo Yellow Deep, 274 Nickel Titanium Yellow, 275 Primary Yellow, 276 Azo Orange, 282 Naples Yellow Green, 289 Titanium Buff Light, 290 Titanium Buff Deep, 292 Naples Yellow Red Light, 311 Vermilion, 315 Pyrrole Red,  316 Venetian Rose, 317 Transparent Red Middle, 318 Carmine, 330 Persian Rose, 344 Caput Mortuum Violet, 348 Permanent Red Purple,  361 Light Rose, 366 Quinacridone Rose, 369 Primary Magenta, 385 Quinacridone Rose Light, 396 Napthol Red Medium, 398 Napthol Red Light, 399 Napthol Red Deep, 403 Van Dyke Brown, 409 Burnt Umber, 411 Burnt Sienna, 504 Ultramarine, 507 Ultramarine Violet, 512 Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine), 517 King’s Blue, 519 Ultramarine Violet Light, 522 Turquoise Blue, 551 Sky Blue Light, 557 Greenish Blue, 562 Greyish Blue, 564 Brilliant Blue, 566 Prussian Blue (Phthalo), 567 Permanent Red Violet, 568 Permanent Blue Violet, 570 Phthalo Blue, 572 Primary Cyan, 577 Permanent Red Violet Light, 582 Manganese Blue (Phthalo), 605 Brilliant Green, 615 Emerald Green, 617 Yellowish Green, 618 Permanent Green Light, 619 Permanent Green Deep, 621 Olive Green Light, 622 Olive Green Deep, 623 Sap Green, 661 Turquoise Green, 702 Lamp Black, 710 Neutral Grey, 718 Warm Grey, 735 Oxide Black.

Great for students, artists, hobby painters and model makers, the Amsterdam Acrylic range works well on wood, clay, stone, card and many other surfaces. Perfect as a starting point for beginner artists, as well as for those who just love to use colour and to let their imagination run wild!

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