Speedball is America’s leading manufacturer of Printmaking materials and has been inspiring artists, teachers and students with their high quality art supplies for over 100 years. Speedball was established in 1899 as a manufacturer of dip pens. The company is named after its famous Speedball dip pens developed by the sign writer Ross F. George. Still located in Statesville North Carolina they produce not only pens but Screen Printing and Block Printing art supplies. Speedball Kits are great value for money and are ideal for those trying their hand at Screen Printing for the first time. Print making as an art form is hugely popular and versatile. With Speedball Screen Printing products you can print onto paper, card, wood and fabric. No other brand compares to Speedball for quality and simplicity.

Pullingers stock a great selection of Speedball Screen Printing Kits for beginners and professionals. Buy the Speedball Stencil Screen Printing Kit for the quickest and simplest way to Screen Print. Channel Henri Matisse and see your results in twenty minutes! The Super Value Fabric and Super Value Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Sets offer a great introduction to Screen Printing on fabric with the opaque version allowing you to work on dark coloured material. For a multi-purpose kit choose the Speedball Deluxe Screen Printing Kit for printing onto paper, cardboard, fabric and wood. The GloW ‘N’ Dark Fabric Screen Printing Kit contains phosphorescent fabric inks. Create your own gift cards, prints, t-shirts, bags and more with Speedball.

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