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Stabilo Cappi Wallet of 18

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The Stabilo Cappi Wallet of 18 contains brilliantly vibrant coloured felt tip pens with a 1mm nib and washable ink. This comprehensive set comes in a thin cardboard sleeve which is secure and lightweight and can be used at home, at school or even when travelling to keep all of your favourite pens safe and secure. A fantastic feature of these pens is the unique Cap Ring which can be threaded through the loops on the caps so that they all attach together. This means that you will always know where all of your caps are! There are 2 Cap Rings in this set.

The Stabilo Cappi pens are tube-shaped and are easy to pick up and hold for younger children, and do not roll away. Each pen is fitted with a ventilated cap for safety, and can be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without the pens drying out. Ideal for children over the age of 6, these sturdy and useful pens are great for adults and children and can be used for drawing, colouring and writing.

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