Sennelier Oil Sticks

Sennelier Oil Sticks

Sennelier Oil Sticks combine extra fine artists’ pigments with a neutral mineral wax to form an oil bar, resulting in a top quality, artist grade oil paint. These pure pigments are ground into vegetable oils which have a low degree of yellowing.

Oil Sticks give the artist more expression and creativity and are ideal for creating abstract oil paintings and mixed media paintings. They have a smooth and creamy consistency and can be thinned with turpentine to create washes and fine detail. Oil Sticks are a good introduction to Oils and can be used with conventional Oil Paints and Oil Pastels.

How many colours are in the Sennelier Oil Stick range?

Sennelier Oil Sticks come 38ml bars in 55 single colours. There are 29 transparent colours and 26 opaque colours. The colours are vibrant and have excellent light resistance, meaning that the colours will not fade over time. In the range there a Transparent Medium Oil Stick available which can be used to create glazing effects and transparency.

Sennelier Oil Sticks also come in a Set of 6, a Tester Set and a beautiful Wooden Box Set of 36 colours.

What surfaces can you use Sennelier Oil Sticks on?

You can use Sennelier Oil Sticks on canvas, canvas boards, wood, paper & other prepared surfaces that have been suitably primed for oil paints.

How long do Sennelier Oil Sticks take to dry?

Oil Sticks tend to dry in approximately 2 – 5 days depending on the thickness applied and the surface they’ve been applied to.

If you want to varnish your finished Oil Painting, you should use an Oil Paint Varnish. Wait 6 months before you varnish your piece to make sure that the layers of oil underneath are fully dry. Store Oil Sticks away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to paint with Sennelier Oil Sticks:

Oil Sticks are so versatile and easy to use. You can use them as they are (remove the surface film from the Oil Stick with a scalpel first) or apply them with a paint brush or palette knife.

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