Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens are water-based pens that have a soft flexible brush tip at one end and a fine bullet tip at the other end. They are a popular choice with artists, illustrators and crafters because they can be used as a watercolour and a marker pen all in one.

The nylon brush tip is durable and tough and will spring back into shape after use. It can be used to create thick and thin lines by varying the amount of pressure you apply and acts like a paintbrush but with more control. The bullet tip is also really useful as it can be used to produce finer detail and offers more precision.

The water-based ink in Tombow Brush Pens is ideal for creating a vast range of watercolour techniques and allows for the colours to be easily blended and give translucent effects. The ink is non-toxic and acid free but the colours are not lightfast.

What colours are available in Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens?

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens are available in 96 colours and a variety of sets in 6, 12 or 18 assorted colours. The colours in these sets are grouped into Primary Colours, Secondary Colours, Earth Tones, Pastel Tones or Grey Tones.

How to use Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens.

You can use Tombow Brush Pens for rubber stamping, sketching and drawing, watercolours, graphic design, calligraphy, manga and all kinds of illustrative purposes. The soft flexible brush tip is especially good for producing Calligraphy writing and lettering as you can change the pressure that you apply to create thick and thin lines, plus, you have a great colour choice.

There are several ways to create watercolour effects using Tombow Brush Pens. You can apply the ink directly to your paper surface and then add water with a paintbrush or use them straight onto wet paper. To achieve the best results and colour blending, it is best add some Tombow colour to a shiny surface such as a plastic palette, ceramic tile, plate or a piece of acetate (the ink will remain wet on the surface) and then use a wet paint brush or the Tombow Blender Pen to pick up the colour. This is a great way to blend colours together and to mix new colours.

To blend Tombow colours successfully, start with the lighter colour and blend it into the darker colour on the plastic palette and then using either the Blender Pen or the lighter coloured pen, pick up the darker colour first. The idea is to “pick up” the darker coloured ink onto the tip of your lighter coloured pen. This will then give you two tones. Don’t worry about the darker colour staining your pen, Tombow Pens are designed to return to their original colour the more you use the pen. The Tombow Colourless Blender Pen is particularly useful for softening and blending colours.

Pullingers Review on Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens.

We love these Brush Pens because they are so versatile! The ink in Tombow Brush Pens is translucent so they are ideal for layering and combining colours. They blend extremely well when water is added and work well with other water-soluble materials.

We sell a lot of Tombow Brush Pens to crafters as they are particularly good when used with rubber stamps. You can either use them directly on to the stamp to ink it up which is great for adding different colours to your stamp design, or you can use them to colour in your stamped design, using water to wash the colours out and create a 3D effect.

Tombow Brush Pens are very hardwearing and the ink lasts a long time. As they are water-based pens, the ink is odourless and appropriate for all ages. The ink does not bleed through the paper so they can be used to colour in adult colouring books. For best results we recommend that you use these brush pens on a Watercolour Paper or a thick paper / card stock so that the paper doesn’t buckle if you are using a lot of water to blend the colours.

Tombow Brush Pens are the perfect choice for all hobby, art and craft enthusiasts! If you would like to know more about Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens then please get in touch.

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