Pebeo Gedeo Resins

Pebeo Gedeo Resins

Pebeo Gedeo Resins are ideal for pouring over Mixed Media pieces. Use them to give an ultra-glossy, transparent finish over artwork created with Pebeo Vitrail, Ceramic, Fantasy Moon & Prisme Paints. They can also be used for casting.

What is the difference between Crystal Resin & Glazing Resin?

There are 3 types of Pebeo Gedeo Resins available. The Pebeo Crystal Resin is a 50% bio-based resin that can be used for casting small flat objects up to 2cm thick or as a pouring liquid and varnish. It is easy to use, dries solid and without bubbles to give a professional finish on mixed media art pieces. Crystal Resin is suitable for using multiple surfaces, including metal, painted wood, canvas, silicone & plastic.

Pebeo Pro Resins come in 3 Litres & 6 Litres and are perfect for covering large surfaces such as canvas or frames. Pro Resins are a very transparent liquids that can be poured over Mixed Media art pieces to produce a beautiful, professional, glossy, protective finish that dries hard.

Pebeo Glazing Resin has a semi-liquid texture that is ideal for adding relief to flat surfaces. Pour it over mixed media pieces to give an ultra-transparent, glossy, protective layer. You can even draw into the Glazing Resin with the pipette supplied to add texture.

These Pebeo Gedeo Glazing Resins are 40% bio-based and can be used on most surfaces such as metal, painted wood, canvas, non-porous paper, silicone & plastic. Glazing Resins are only suitable for creating thin layers up to 0.5cm thick. They set quicker than the Crystal Resin. You can even use it to create a magnifying effect to flat surfaces such as photos, postcards, canvases & frames.

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