Daler Rowney Canford Card And Paper

Daler Rowney Canford Card And Paper

Canford Card and Paper by Daler Rowney is a high quality acid free coloured card and paper with a smooth surface and matt finish. Canford can be used for a wide range of art and craft projects and comes in A4 and A1 sizes. Canford Paper is 150gsm and Canford Card is 300gsm in weight. You can buy it in single sheets or in pads of black paper or assorted coloured paper.

How many colours does Canford Card & Paper come in?

Canford Card and Paper comes in 37 colours including a gold and silver. It is coloured all the way through and on both sides. The same colours are available in both A4 and A1 sheets, making it ideal for invitations, posters and model making.

What can you use Canford Card & Paper for?

Fold it, cut it, stick it, curve it, emboss it, create 3D models with it, print on it and draw and paint on it! Canford Card and Paper really can be used in so many ways.

This coloured paper and card can be used for presentations and professional displays and for mounting photographs, prints and artwork for portfolios. Use it for graphic design, posters, 3D models, craft projects, origami and paper sculptures. You can paint and draw on Canford with pencil, pastel, acrylic paint and pen and ink. You can even use Canford Card for screen printing and block printing.

See our blog for ideas on What you can use Canford Card and Paper for!

How do Pullingers send A1 Canford Card & Paper out?

Here at Pullingers, we know how important it is to receive your coloured card and paper in perfect condition, especially if you are using it for presentations and display. Therefore, we flat pack all of our paper and card (it is NEVER rolled). We also have bulk discounts available on Canford card and Paper – see individual products for more information.

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