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Marker Paper

Pullingers guide to Marker Paper

Marker paper, a unique and specialised medium, it can be your secret weapon to producing stunning work with your with markers. We have been selling marker paper for over 30 years at Pullingers. Here we will share our expert knowledge and explore the range of products that we have in-store and online. We will explain why you should be using Marker Paper to get the best results from your marker pens.

Definition of Marker Paper: Marker paper is a premium-grade, bleed-resistant, Semi-transparent, water-resistant, and ultra-smooth paper specifically crafted for use with markers of all kinds. Markers glide effortlessly and uniformly across the page, giving artists enhanced control over their strokes and lines. Unlike regular paper, marker paper is engineered to prevent ink from bleeding through. It has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and does not go through the paper, resulting in crisp, vibrant artworks without any unsightly smudges.

The types of marker paper available at Pullingers:
Choose a semi-transluscent Marker paper that is around the weight of 70gsm -90gsm. It is wax treated on the reverse to prevent the ink bleeding through. It is thin so feathering is less likely than thicker, more absorbant papers.
A thicker, ultra-smooth 150gsm - 250gsm is not transluscent, but will allow for heavier layering and reworking. These papers are very similar to Bristol paper that was traditionally made of several thin layers of paper pressed together. Both sides can be used.
Canson "The Wall" pads is a unique marker paper. It consist of a bleedproof inner barrier sandwiched between two extra white, smooth 100gsm surfaces. This provides a paper that can be used with spray paint and paint pens as well as alcohol and solvent based markers, it will not bleed through and both sides can be used.

The Many Uses of Marker Paper
Perfect for Illustrations and Sketches: Marker paper is the ideal surface for bringing your creative ideas to life. Its exceptional smoothness allows for precise detailing, making it an excellent choice for intricate illustrations and character designs. With marker paper's ability to handle multiple layers of ink, blending and shading become effortless, giving your artwork depth and dimension.
Creative Marker Calligraphy: Calligraphy enthusiasts love the results they get from using Marker paper. It provides an excellent canvas for calligraphers to practice and showcase their skills. The paper's quick-drying nature prevents ink smears, allowing you to create beautiful, smooth lettering and decorative elements with precision and elegance.
Designing Architectural Plans and Models: Architects and designers often rely on markers to visualise and communicate their ideas. Marker paper's bleed-resistant quality ensures that intricate architectural plans and models remain clear and easy to interpret. Its compatibility with various marker types allows for a wide array of colours and line weights, making your design presentations stand out.
Manga and Comics: Manga artists and comic book creators love using marker paper for their illustrations, comics and story boards. The paper's ability to handle bold colors and fine lines perfectly complements the dynamic and expressive nature of manga and comics. With marker paper, your characters and scenes will burst with life.

3 tips for choosing the right Maker Paper.
- Look for a smooth finish to the paper so that your makers can flow effortlessly and uniformly across the surface.
- Choose acid-free options, as they ensure the longevity of your artwork.
- If you want to display and frame your work, choose a thicker marker paper.

All of our papers here are suitable for all types of markers and we know that by using the correct type of paper you will achieve stunning results from your pens and markers. Happy shopping!

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