Soft Cover Sketchbooks

Soft Cover Sketchbooks

Soft Cover Sketchbooks are the perfect choice for artists that like to draw across a double page spread without a spiral binding getting in the way. They still contain a high quality white cartridge paper but tend to be staple bound, glued or sewn in to a soft cover, making them more economical.

What are Starter Sketchbooks?

Seawhite Starter Sketchbooks cheap sketchbooks that are perfect for all types of drawing and sketching media. They have 20 sheets of high quality 140gsm cartridge paper and are available in white or black paper. There is also a ECO version with 16 sheets of 130gsm recycled paper.

Starter Sketchbooks are thin lightweight sketchbooks that are stapled together and have a soft cover. They are ideal for student, school and college use and for artists to jot down ideas and initial sketched.

If you want a soft back Sketchbook with a more professional look, then take a look at the Daler Rowney Soft Cover Sketchbooks. They have a black cover and ivory coloured cartridge paper.

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