Plasticine and Non-Hardening Modelling Clay

Plasticine and Non-Hardening Modelling Clay

Plasticine and other non-hardening modelling clays are types of modeling clay that is made from a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, typically including wax and oil. It is a non-hardening, non-toxic material that is pliable and easy to work with, making it a popular choice for artists, sculptors, and children.

With plasticine, you can create a variety of different shapes, figures, and sculptures. Its soft and pliable texture allows you to mould it easily into various forms and shapes, and it can be reused and reshaped many times over.

Some popular things you can create with plasticine include:

Sculptures - You can create all kinds of sculptures with plasticine, from abstract designs to more realistic figures.

Models - Plasticine is often used to create models for things like toys, figurines, and other objects.

Animations - Plasticine is a popular material for stop-motion animation, allowing you to create animated films with movable figures.

Moulds - You can use plasticine to create moulds for producing plaster casts.

Educational tools - Plasticine can be used as a teaching tool for kids, helping them to learn about shapes, colours, and textures.

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