Plastic Pockets

Plastic Pockets

Clear punched plastic sleeves for ring binders, such as A4 Clear Plastic Punched Pockets are useful for keeping important documents, notes, and paperwork well-organised and protected.

Plastic file pockets provide a protective layer for your documents, preventing them from getting damaged, torn, or dirty. They help maintain the quality and integrity of your paperwork.

These pockets are designed to fit standard A4 or A5 sized sheets and come with punched holes, making them ideal for filing in ring binders, lever arch files and art portfolios. You can easily insert and remove documents as needed, keeping your files organised and accessible without having to punch holes through the sheet themselves.

The clear exterior of the plastic sleeves allows you to see the contents at a glance. This makes it easy to identify the items stored within without the need to open each pocket individually.

The pre-punched holes on the plastic pockets are designed to fit various types of ring binders and lever arch files. This ensures compatibility and allows you to use them with any common filing system you may have.

They are a practical solution for home offices, students, and anyone looking to keep their paperwork in order.

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