Paint Pens With Brush Nibs

Paint Pens With Brush Nibs

Paint Pens With Brush Nibs are ideal for drawing, writing, illustration and more. Pullingers stock Posca Brush Pens and an empty Molotow Brush Pen that can be filled up with ink of your own colour choice.

Posca Brush Pens have a flexible brush nib and come in 10 vibrant colours. The paint like ink is water-based and odourless and all of the colours are very opaque. You can completely cover a colour with a different colour and they will show up on black / coloured paper. The brush nib is particularly useful for creating free flowing brush strokes and lettering. Posca Brush Pens are perfect for fashion illustration too!

The Molotow 222EM Empty Pump Softliner Pen has a 1mm brush tip and can be filled with Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pen Refills, ink, diluted acrylic paint or watercolour paint. You can also put just water in this brush pen and use it as a paintbrush to wet and activate water-soluble media. Molotow also stock a large range of other ONE4ALL Paint Pens, refills and nibs.

How to use Posca Brush Pens.

Shake your Posca Brush Pen well with the lid on until you can hear the ball inside. Then remove the protective cap on the top button and press a few times. Make sure that the ink has flowed through to the nib and test it on a scrap piece of paper. Your Posca Pen is now ready to use. If the brush nib becomes worn, pull out the nib section and turn it around to reveal a brand new brush tip.

What surfaces can I use Posca Brush Pens on?

Posca Brush Pens can be used on virtually any surface including paper, card, canvas, blackboards, wood, metal, fabrics, stone, ceramics, plastics and more! The ink is permanent on porous surfaces and removable on non porous surfaces such as glass. Posca ink can be varnished, baked on to ceramics and even ironed on to fabrics!

Pullingers Art Shop also sell other Posca Paint Pens with either a chisel nib or a bullet nib. A great value Paint Pen with endless opportunities!

If you have any other questions regarding our Paint Pens with Brush Nibs or any of our other Art Supplies then please contact us.

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