FIMO Polymer Clay

FIMO Polymer Clay

Dive into the fascinating world of polymer clay with our selection from FIMO, DAS and Sculpey. Polymer clay, a remarkable modeling medium, is crafted from synthetic materials, primarily composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) particles, blended with plasticisers, pigments, and various additives. The name "polymer clay" stems from its distinctive property - it undergoes a chemical transformation when exposed to heat in an oven, resulting in a remarkable metamorphosis into a durable, plastic-like material.

Polymer clay, including the ever popular FIMO, offers artists, hobbyists, and crafters a one-of-a-kind creative canvas. Its malleability allows you to shape, sculpt, and design with ease. Your model can then be baked in your domestic oven at a temperature of 110°C for 30 minutes.

There is an extensive palette of colours and effects in the FIMO range from solid hues to captivating specialty effects like metallics, translucents, glitters. Here is a quick explanation of the types FIMO colours and effects that are available here at Pullingers:

FIMO Soft: If you only need specific colours, then the 37 colours in the FIMO soft series including six trend and six pastel colours are all available individually as 57g blocks. These are all intermixable to create custom colours. They are also compatible with the FIMO Professional and FIMO Effect colours.

FIMO Effect: is available in 36 colours with 8 effects - Night Glow, Glitter, Translucent, Stone, Metallic, Galaxy, Gemstone, Neon:
1. Achieve a semi-transparent appearance with the Translucent shades.
2. Re-create the look of metal, courtesy of mica particles in the Metallic colours.
3. Tranparent and lustrous pearl-like finishes can be achieved with the Gemstone colours.
4. Your models will light up in the dark with FIMO Night Glow effect.
5. Add sparkle and glamour into your projects with the Glitter colours.
6. Craft items that remarkably resemble real stone using the Stone colours.
7. Add some stardust to your model with th twinkling Galaxy shades.
8.Give a burst of bold, electrifying colour with Neon colours

FIMO Leather Effect: is a unique product in the Fimo polymer clay range that is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real leather when it's baked and hardened. FIMO Leather Effect can be used to create jewellery pieces such as bracelets and pendants, as well as small accessories like keychains and pouches. It can also be used in mixed-media projects and for adding unique textures to sculptures and decorative items.

FIMO Professional: oven-hardening modelling clay has a much firmer consistency than the other FIMO polymer clays. This enables you to create highly detailed models and is therefore the ideal material for making jewellery, dolls and much more. Here at Pullingers we offer the FIMO Professional in the Doll Art, 6 natural colours with semi-matt porcelain finish that replaces the previous FIMO Puppen range.

Shop for the complete range of FIMO soft and FIMO Effect colours at Pullingers Art Shop and turn your imagination into art.

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