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Foamboard, also referred to as Polyboard, is a Foamcore Board that is lightweight, durable and sturdy. We sell White Foamboard in two thicknesses, 3mm and 5mm, and they are available in a range of ‘A’ sizes and 30” x 20” sheets. We also stock a 5mm Black Foamboard in a variety of ‘A’ sizes.

Often used for the Graphic Arts, Foamboard is popular for modelmaking and for mounting artwork and photographic prints. Students and artists use Foamboard to achieve a professional display and for presentations and exhibitions.

Foamboard consists of an inner layer of polystyrene foam with a coated paper backing / surface. It is easy to cut, stick and carve, making it ideal for building 3D models. Be careful when gluing Foamboard as some glues such as Super Glue, can dissolve the polystyrene core. It is best to stick Foamboard with a Glue Gun or use a Spray Glue such as Spray Mount.

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