Sakura Pigma Brush Pens

Sakura Brush Pens

Sakura Brush Pens have archival quality ink that is permanent and non-fading when dry. There are 2 different ranges of Sakura Brush Pen available, the Pigma Brush Pens and the Pigma Professional Series Brush Pens. Both of these ranges feature Sakura’s Pigma ink which is pigment based instead of dye based, making it more reliable. Both ranges have ultra-flexible brush tips that react quickly and efficiently to pressure or direction changes and can be manipulated just like a standard paint brush.

What colours are available in the Sakura Brush Pen ranges?

Pigma Brush Pens come in 9 vivid colours that are ideal for Manga art. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Dark Sepia, Brown, Orange, Rose and Purple.

Pigma Professional Series Brush Pens are only available in black, but come in 3 different sizes, making them handy for use with both finer detailed works and larger, more expressive sketches. Available in Fine Brush, Medium Brush and Broad Brush.

Pullingers Verdict on Sakura Brush Pens

Here at Pullingers, we have seen both of these brush pen ranges become quite popular, especially with those who enjoy Manga artwork. These pens are also a fantastic addition to any artist’s materials, especially if you enjoy illustration, calligraphy, design, crafting or scrapbooking. For more information about Sakura Brush Pens or any of our other product ranges, please contact us.

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