Copic Ciao Marker Pens

Copic Ciao Marker Pens

Copic Ciao Marker Pens are bleed proof, non-toxic markers that are alcohol based and quick drying. These impressive markers are fantastic quality and are double-ended, versatile and easy to use. On one end of your Copic Ciao Marker Pen, you will find a medium sized chisel tip with an angled end. This tip is ideal for blocks of colour, large bold lines and thick outlines, and can be manipulated in different ways to produce different effects. The other end of these markers has a hand-made brush tip. This soft and flexible tip is great for many artistic tasks such as outlining, lettering and shading, and depending on the pressure put on the nib, various different line widths can be achieved, just like using a real brush.

What products are available in the Copic Ciao range?

Copic Ciao Marker Pens are available in 180 single colours as well as a varied range of sets including 2 different sets of 72, 5 sets of 36 containing different colour combinations, an assorted set of 12 and a 12 Set Of Skin Tones. Copic Ciao sets would be perfect as a gift for a budding artist, and can be the most economical way of adding several colours to an already growing marker pen collection.

Who would benefit from using Copic Ciao markers?

Regarded highly by fine artists, illustrators, hobbyists and Manga artists, Copic Ciaos are ideal for a multitude of uses. The colours can be overlaid to create deep, opaque colours, or used alone to benefit from their translucence. A blender is also available in the Ciao range for colour mixing and fading harsh lines.

Manga art has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Copic Ciao Marker Pens are widely renowned for being one of the best artist’s markers for this purpose. This is down to the range of colour options available, including the range of skin tones, and the versatility of both the chisel tip and the brush tip.

Pullingers Verdict on Copic Ciao Marker Pens

Here at Pullingers we have seen a distinct rise in the popularity of these fantastic marker pens over recent years. These versatile markers are one of the top choices for students, artists and illustrators alike, and are ideal for many arty tasks, such as design work, comic art, sketching, and lettering and even for some craft projects. When used on Bristol board, mixed media pads such as the Clairefontaine Paint On Multi Techniques Pads or smooth surface cartridge paper, these markers really do create some stunning effects. Perfect for the beginner artist as well as for seasoned professionals, Copic Ciao Marker Pens are the ideal choice for anyone wanted to put colour to paper!

For more information about Copic Ciao Marker Pens, or any of the other products we sell, please feel free to contact us.

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