Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner Pens

Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner Pens

Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner Pens are quality empty paint pens that can be filled with Schmincke AERO COLOR Professional Acrylic Inks and used on many different surfaces. Available in 6 sizes, these handy pens can be used with single coloured inks, or used with your own unique mixed colours too.

These versatile markers have a transparent barrel so that the ink colour and level can be seen clearly, and even have a small section of the label where the colour number or combination can be written for reference.

Schmincke AERO COLOR Liners, when used with Schmincke AERO COLOR Inks, can be used on wood, canvas, fabric, card, paper, primed metal, board and primed plastic.

How do you fill Schmincke AERO COLOR Liners?

Schmincke AERO COLOR liners can be filled easily using the following steps:

Step 1- Remove cap, unscrew and remove the nib and inside valve. Valve is Yellow in Liner 1, Purple in Liner 2 & 4, Purple/Green in Liner 3 & 5 and Clear in Liner 6.

Step 2- Fill the barrel of the Liner 2/3 of the way to the top. Do not fill any further than this or your liner may flood.

Step 3- Replace valve, nib and cap and shake thoroughly until the glass balls can be heard

Step 4- Pump the nib gently on some scrap paper until colour appears on the nib. Your Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner should now be ready to use!

What Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner nib sizes are available?

Schmincke AERO COLOR Liners are available in 6 varied sizes, and each pen barrel is also a different size so that there is no ink wastage when only a small amount of colour is needed.

Liner 1- 0.8mm rounded nib. Ideal for outlines

Liner 2- 1mm rounded nib. Great for details and small areas of colour

Liner 3- 2mm rounded nib. Perfect for smooth, consistent lines and coloured areas

Liner 4- 1mm rounded nib. Smaller barrel, for colours that aren’t needed as much

Liner 5- 2-6mm chisel nib. For larger areas of colour and also great for lettering

Liner 6- 1-15mm chisel nib. The most versatile of all nibs, brilliant for expressive strokes and large areas

Pullingers verdict on Schmincke AERO COLOR Liners

When used alongside Schmincke AERO COLOR Inks, these fantastic pens work effortlessly well. With the added versatility of being able to make your own unique ink shades, Schmincke AERO COLOR Liners are the perfect tool for Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Urban Artists, Crafters and even Calligraphers! Each Schmincke AERO COLOR Liner has its own unique style, and every size will bring something new to your art.

If you would like any information about this, or any other product that we sell, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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