Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint

Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint

Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paint brings clothes and other fabrics to life with an amazing range of colours, textures and effects. Suitable for all dark and light coloured fabrics, including black. Use straight from the jar for intense and concentrated colour or dilute with water to obtain watercolour effects.
Setacolor Opaque colours intense, concentrated with excellent covering power to decorate both dark and light coloured fabrics. Suitable for brush work, stencil work and silkscreen printing. Paint is ready to use and mixable with each other.

The Setacolor Shimmering Opaque colours offer rich and deep glittering shades that give a subtle shine with changing effects depending on the light. To keep the shimmering effect, we do not recommend that you dilute these colours.

Setacolor Light Fabrics (Transparent) colours can be used on all light coloured fabrics. These Setacolor paints have a light texture which do not alter the flexibility of the fabric. They can be used pure or diluted to give a watercolour effect. All Setacolor Light Fabric paints can be mixed with each other.

To fix the Setacolor colours, iron on the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 3 minutes on cotton setting. It is also possible to put the fabric in a kitchen oven: 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) and the colours are fixed. Once fixed, the designs are resistant to machine washing and dry cleaning.

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