Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour

Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Paints are known for their high quality and performance. Here are five standout features that set them apart:

Pigment Quality: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours are formulated using the highest quality pigments available in the highest concentrations possible, consistent with good handling qualities. These pigments offer exceptional lightfastness, 104 colours are rated AA or A for permanence ensuring that your artworks retain their vibrancy and colours over time without fading.

Wide Range of Colours: The range of 108 colours offered by Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours is extensive, providing artists with a diverse palette to choose from. They offer both traditional and modern pigments, including a variety of 79 single pigment colours, allowing for accurate colour mixing and nuanced effects.

Transparency and Clarity: These watercolors are known for their excellent transparency and clarity. This makes them ideal for layering and creating luminous, translucent effects in watercolour paintings. The transparent nature of the pigments allows the underlying layers to shine through, enhancing depth and complexity.

Rich History and Artistic Reputation: The founders of our Winsor and Newton, William Winsor and Henry Newton, introduced moist water colours in the 1830's. Since then these Professional Water Colour paints have been trusted by generations of artists, from renowned watercolourists to contemporary creators. The reputation of Winsor & Newton's watercolours is built on a legacy of innovation and dedication to artists' needs, making them a well-respected choice among watercolour enthusiasts. This rich history and reputation contribute to the allure of using Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours for both traditional and modern watercolour techniques.

Available in Tubes or Pans: Artists can choose from whole pans, half pans, 5ml tubes, and 14ml tubes. Pans are more portable and convenient for smaller works, while tubes offer greater colour versatility for various techniques and larger areas. Tubes are also easier to mix on a palette, allowing for more precise colour blending. Many artists use a combination of both depending on their needs.

These standout features make Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours a popular choice among professional watercolour artists who value pigment quality, colour range, transparency, and lightfastness in their artwork. Keep in mind that these features contribute to the premium nature of these paints, making them a preferred choice for serious artists and those who want to ensure the lasting quality of their watercolor paintings with consistant and accurate colour mixing.

Ready to transform your watercolour art? Shop now and experience the brilliance of Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Paints. Elevate your creations with premium pigments and lasting vibrancy. Add to basket and paint your masterpiece today!

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