Paint Pens

Paint Pens and Markers

Here at Pullingers we sell a large range of different Paint Pens to suit various needs. Posca Pens are popular opaque paint pens can be overdrawn to correct mistakes or achieve other paint-like effects. They will draw on almost any surface.

We also sell Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens that contain acrylic based hybrid paint which will go on most surfaces.  These are refillable Paint Pens and come in a larger range of colours than the Posca Pens, from bright to pastel to metallic.

The Pilot Super Colour Marker Pen is a solvent based pen that once again will cover almost any surface – wood, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, etc.

NEW! Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are now available! These are a water-based acrylic paint pen for artists' and have been formulated using artist grade pigments!

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