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Layout Paper

Layout paper is used in art and design, for developing ideas and creating preliminary layouts. Artists and designers use it to sketch, plan compositions, and experiment with different arrangements of elements.

Layout Paper has a smooth surface texture, similar to tracing paper. Layout paper is lightweight, typically around 45-50gsm. It is semi-transparent, making it suitable for tracing and overlaying designs.

Here at Pullingers we stock Silvine and Daler Rowney layout pads. They come with around 80 sheets per pad and are available in A2, A3 & A4 sizes.

High-quality layout paper can be more cost-effective than cartridge pads. Layout paper is compatible with pencils, pens, and other dry media. They are not suitable for ink and alcohol markers. If you want to use markers, we suggest using a marker pad instead as the paper is coated to prevent ink bleed-through.

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