Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Standard Series

Amsterdam Acrylics Standard Series

Amsterdam Acrylic Paint - Standard Series. Made in The Netherlands by Royal Talens, this acrylic paint offers a high level of lightfastness and durability.

There are 90 colours in the Amsterdam Standard Series. 73 standard colours, 4 Reflex/Fluorescent colours, 7 Metallic and 6 Pearl. The whole range is available in 120ml tubes and 500ml pots. 40 of the colours are available in a 1000ml pot.

A good variety of sets are available. Whether for a school art assignment, a single art project, trying out new colours or a gift. There is a set here for you.

The huge range of 90 colours and great value sized pots make this a perfect choice of paint to use for acrylic pouring. The 17 Speciality colours which include metallic, pearlescent and flourescent effects make this a very popular choice of paint for Acrylic Paint Pouring Artists. Use with acrylic pouring medium and silicone oil for incredible abstract patterns.

How to use Amsterdam Acrylics:

This is a medium viscocity acrylic paint based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and high grade pigments which give great lightfastness and a choice of opacities. An easy paint to use. Use straight from the tube or pot or thin the paint with water. Excellent adhesion on canvasses and walls – or use it on almost any other surface that you like. This paint has a short drying time, thin layers dry within half an hour. The paint is just about odourless. Suitable for indoor or oudoor. Clean brushes after use with warm soapy water.

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