Mount Cutters

Mount Cutters For Cutting Mountboard & Framing

Having the right Art Supplies are an essential when it comes to mounting, displaying and framing your artwork. Mountboard is a thick and sturdy board that is ideal for presentations and framing artwork. It can however, be difficult to get a good clean cut, even when using a heavy duty utility knife. The best artists’ tool to use to cut Mountboard is a Mount Cutter.

A Mount Cutter is particularly useful for cutting picture mounts where you require a 45° bevelled edge to be cut on the inside of the aperture and a 90° straight edge to be cut for the outside. The 90° straight edge can also be used to easily cut down Mountboards to a custom size for presentation and display work. The Logan 90 Mount Cutter is ideal for this.

We stock Mount Cutters for all budgets and abilities from the beginner to the professional framer. If you are a student or a beginner then the Jakar Mount Cutters may be just right for you as they are more economical. If you are an artist that frequently cuts your own mounts or you’re just after something that is a little more robust and accurate, then the Logan Mount Cutters will suit your needs.

Push Style Mount Cutters

A Push Style Mount Cutter is generally used with a metal ruler to create straight clean cuts. The Logan Push Style Mount Cutter has a specially designed blade slot that prevents the blade from flexing, resulting in straighter more precise cuts. Ideal for cutting Daler Rowney Studland Mountboard.

Mount Cutting Kits

Mount Cutting Kits are also available for amateur and professional artists that include everything that you need to start framing your own artwork. The Logan Team System Mount Cutters are particularly popular with artists due to its high quality and precision.

You can get replacement blades for all of our Mount Cutters to give you the best cut every time. Whatever Mountboard Cutter you decide to choose, we can be sure that it will prove to be a wise investment for all you budding artists out there!

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