ZIG Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens

ZIG Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens

ZIG Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens are twin tipped coloured markers with a chisel tip one end and a bullet tip the other. They are permanent markers with a quick drying alcohol-based dye ink and Xylene free.

These marker pens by ZIG Kuretake are perfect for graphic artists and designers as they can be used to create quick bold designs and sketches. You can also use them alongside other permanent marker pens and with drawing inks.

What colours are available in the Kurecolor Twin WS Markers?

Zig Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens come in an extensive range of 135 colours and a Blender Pen (for shading and blending colours together). They are also available in sets of 12 markers, including a basic colour set, grey sets and a skin tone set.

Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens can be refilled with the Kurecolor Inks which are available in 25ml bottles and sets.

What is the nib like on Kurecolor Twin WS Markers?

These double ended Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens have a broad 6.5mm angled chisel nib at one end and a fine 1mm rounded bullet nib at the other. The broad tip is great for colouring in large areas and bold designs and the fine tip is ideal for precise detail, writing and sketching.

Replacement nibs are also available in packs with a choice of a chisel, soft chisel, brush, calligraphy or fine nib. This makes these versatile marker pens very hard-wearing and a great price!

What surfaces can you use Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens on?

The best surfaces to use the Kurecolor Twin WS Marker Pens on is either a thick paper, card, Bristol Board or Bleedproof Marker Paper. They can also be used on plastic, glass, metal and photographs.

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