Pebeo Acrylic Mediums

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums can be used to prepare a surface for painting or can added to Acrylic Paint to alter the texture and consistency.

Pebeo Gesso is a water based primer that dries quickly and is used to prepare surfaces ready for painting on in Oil or Acrylic.

Pebeo Modelling Paste and Sand Texture Gels are ideal for adding texture in to the painting and building up dimension.

Pebeo Bindex is a liquid binder for the prepartion of acrylic colours. It can be used to create glazes, intensify colours by adding depth and brightness or used as a sealant and adhesive for collages and mixed media pieces.

Pebeo Gloss & Matt Gel Mediums are perfect for adding thickness to Acrylic Paint and to increase the transparency of colours.

Pebeo Phosphorescent Gels produce a glow in the dark effect and can be mixed with Acrylic Paints to make them fluorescent. These UV paints are opaque and can be painted on to surfaces such as wood, plaster, paper, cardboard, pre-painted acrylic surfaces, canvas, etc.

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