Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers are permanent oil based Paint Pens that can be used for writing, drawing and painting. They are a new edition to the hugely popular Pebeo Mixed Media range. Used alone or alongside other Pebeo products, 4ARTIST Markers create stunning effects on all sorts of surfaces.

Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers are available in 4 different nib sizes and come in a selection of bright glossy opaque colours that are quick-drying (no visible pen strokes) and are highly pigmented to give the best possible colour outcome. These paint markers are lightfast and can be reworked even when dry using mineral spirits such as white spirit to achieve successful colour blending, or thinned to make glazes.

How do Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers work?

Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers need to be primed before their first use. This is a simple process that can be carried out on scrap paper before beginning your artwork. Simply shake the markers with the caps on thoroughly until the ball inside can be heard. Then, remove the cap and press the nib against scrap paper until the colour begins to soak into the nib. Once the colour has fully covered the nib, your marker is ready to use! For best results, Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers should be stored horizontally.

What surfaces can Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers be used on?

4ARTIST Markers can be used over a wide range of non-porous surfaces including glass, wood, ceramic, porcelain, metal, canvas, plastic,Bristol Board and cardboard. They can also be used over dried Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints, Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paints and Pebeo Gedeo Resin and work exceptionally well on Pebeo POP ART Cotton Canvas Pads.

Which Pebeo 4Artist Marker nib size would suit my needs?

With 4 great sizes and styles of nib to choose from, Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers are perfect for many different types of artwork.

2mm Round Nib - For detailed work, preliminary sketches and small areas of colour.

4mm Round Nib - For laying down colour in sections, as well as for larger illustrative work.

8mm Chisel Nib - Ideal for large calligraphic lettering, thick lines and bold strokes.

15mm Flat Nib - For expressive sketches and large areas of brilliant colour.

Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers are available as single pens, as well as a Set of 5 Assorted Basic 4mm Pens, a Set of 5 Assorted Metallic 4mm Pens, a Set of 2 Black Pens and a Set of 2 White Pens.

Here at Pullingers Art Shop we have really enjoyed using these new markers, and continue to find new and exciting ways of incorporating them into our art. We think that Illustrators, designers and artists will love these Pebeo 4ARTIST MARKERS because of the control and bold colour that they offer. Use them by themselves or with acrylic paint, oil paint or other solvent based paints.

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