Packs Of Paper And Card

Packs Of Paper And Card

These excellent value packs of paper and card are ideal for all your art and craft needs. Whether you need paper and card to print on to or for mounting artwork or creating craft projects with, we have something for you. We sell high quality paper and card packs in white, black and assorted colours.

What is in our Packs of Paper & Card?

The Assorted Card Packs contain 30 sheets of coloured card that is 175gsm. Ideal for general hobby and craft projects.

The Assorted Paper Packs contain 100 sheets of coloured paper that is 80gsm. This paper can be printed on or photocopied on with inkjet and laser printers. It can be used for cutting, sticking and printing leaflet, posters and flyers. Also great for kids to draw on! They will love the bright colours!

The White Paper and Card Packs contain a high quality, smooth, plain ultra white paper. Available in packs of 160gsm, 225gsm and 290gsm. Use the thinner white paper for printing and drawing and the thicker white card for model making, invitations, presentations and mounting artwork. These packs of white paper and card are a popular choice with art and design students.

The Black Card Pack contains 10 sheets of pure black card that is 220gsm. It has an ultra smooth surface. Use it for mounting photographs and prints or for general art and craft projects.

We also sell single sheets of A4 coloured card and paper. Take a look at our Canford Card and Paper!

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