Pebeo Setacolor Leather Paint

Pebeo Setacolor Leather Paint

Pebeo Setacolor Leather/Cuir Paints are acrylic paints and markers specially designed to add colour to leather and synthetic leather products, such as shoes, trainers, jackets, bags, and other accessories. These paints are specially formulated to adhere to leather surfaces and provide a durable and long-lasting finish. They come in 23 standard colours with a matt/satin finish, and can be applied with brushes and airbrushes. Leather paints can be used to touch up scuffs and scratches on leather products, or to completely change the colour of the item. They are perfect for customising leather products, allowing you to create unique designs and patterns on your leather goods.

In addition to adding colour, Pebeo Setacolor leather paints can also be used to restore the appearance of older leather products. As leather ages, it can become faded and worn, losing its original lustre and colour. By using these leather paints, you can restore the look of leather items and extend their lifespan. Setacolour Leather/Cuir paints can also be used to create a variety of effects on leather (12 effect colours are available) These paints and markers are versatile tools for those of you who want to personalise, restore, or modify your leather and synthetic leather goods.

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