Dip Pens & Nibs

Dip Pens & Nibs

Dip Pens have been being used for lettering, calligraphy and illustrative works for many years. The art of using dip pens couldn't be simpler, and these are an ideal way of getting used to calligraphic styles of font, amongst a range of other tasks.

At Pullingers we sell a range of Dip Pens and Nibs to suit a wide and varied range of jobs, including Poster nibs for large signage, Round Hand nibs for Left and Right handers, making it easy for everyone to try their hand at calligraphy, as well as Italic, Index, Handwriting and Mapping nibs, and many more.

Also available are Dip Pen Holders to hold the nibs in place whilst writing, and Round Hand Reservoirs to help retain as much ink as possible.

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