Pentel Brush Pens

Pentel Brush Pens

Pentel Brush Pens are high quality Brush Pens that are suitable for calligraphy, sign writing, sketching, design, manga, drafting, illustration work and Chinese art.

We have the Pentel Brush Sign Pen Twin available in 30 colours Pentel Sign Pen with a Brush Tip which is available in black ink and will create fine or bold lines with a varying width of 0.5mm to 2.0mm. The ink is water-based and non permanent. Alternatively we have the forever popular Black Pentel Brush Pen with water-based pigmented permanent ink which is quick drying and fade resistant.

Are Pentel Brush Pens refillable?

The Pentel Brush Tip Sign Pen is a disposable pen and therefore not refillable. However, the Black Pentel Brush Pen is refillable and comes with 2 cartridges that are a bit like fountain pen cartridges. It is easy to refill but only available in black ink. Packs of ink cartridges can also be purchased.

Pullingers Verdict on Pentel Brush Pens.

Both of these pens have an excellent brush nib. The Sign Pen with Brush Tip has quite a short flexible nib so it is easy to control your brush strokes and is great for many different uses.

For a brush pen with a more permanent ink our choice would be the Black Pentel Brush Pen. The durable brush tip on this pen is slightly longer and more flexible. We found that the synthetic nib retained its shape well without fraying, and you can easily achieve a range of different lines and strokes depending on how much pressure you appy, much like a paintbrush. Another bonus is that you can refill these brush pens so they are very economical.

We also stock Pentel Sign Pens with a fibre tipped nib, which are ideal for finer detail and writing.

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