Winsor & Newton Drawing Pads

Winsor & Newton Drawing Pads

We've got the exciting range of Winsor & Newton Sketch Pads here at Pullingers. These drawing pads come in different sizes, styles, weights, and textures to suit every artist's unique flair.

Choose the weight of paper:
The 110gsm paper is great for playful sketches, quick studies, and those moments when you just want to have fun with your art. Pencils, charcoal, graphite, pastels.
Pick 150gsm for a good all-purpose paper that is suitable for a variety of dry media such as pencil, charcoal and pastel. It can take ink and a very light wash, but nothing too wet.
220gsm is the heaviest paper in this range and is great for all dry media, ink, gouache and light watercolour washes. It can take repeated working and erasing.

With Winsor & Newton Drawing Pads you also have a choice of two textures:
Medium Surface: This has a subtle texture or tooth that will hold media like charcoal, pastels, coloured pencils and soft graphite.
Smooth Surface: This paper is all about precision and fine detail. The smooth paper is perfect for media like pen and ink, fineline pens.

Now you can browse these pads from Winsor & Newton with the knowledge to choose the best pad to give you the best results from your art materials.

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