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Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour

Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour

Updated Colour Range for 2021

 • 125 colours
 • 9 new cadmium-free colours
 • 74 single pigment colours
 • Rated lightfast & permanent
 • Manufactured to the highest quality by Winsor & Newton at their factory in France

You will find the complete colour range of 125 Winsor & Newton Artists Oil paints here. This is professional quality traditional oil colour that has been expertly manufactured by Winsor and Newton since 1832.
Choose your favourite palette of colours from the 125 in the 37ml tubes or for those of you who need a lot more colour to work with, then you can pick from 42 colours in 200ml tubes.

If you are looking for primary colours, then pick these three:
 • Permanent Rose
 • Winsor Blue (Red Shade)
 • Winsor Lemon

If you need a little help choosing a palette, then we suggest these 12 colours:
 • Burnt Sienna
 • French Ultramarine
 • Permanent Alizarin Crimson
 • Permanent Rose
 • Raw Umber
 • Scarlet Lake
 • Titanium White
 • Winsor Blue (Green Shade)
 • Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)
 • Winsor Lemon
 • Winsor Yellow
 • Yellow Ochre

When you have chosen your colour palette, there are a wide range of Oils, Mediums, Varnishes and Solvents to choose from to enhance the characteristics of your colour and protect your work.

Enjoy browsing the complete range of Artists Oil Paints and take advantage of our free delivery on orders over £50. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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