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You can be sure that you get the best Art Supplies at the best prices when you shop with Pullingers. We have put together a selection of the top brands of Artists Oil Paints at the lowest prices for all artists, whatever their ability and budget.

Artists Oil Paints are traditionally made by mixing dry pigment with a drying oil. The most common oil used is linseed oil because it dries to durable film.

Another type of Oil Paint is Alkyd Oil Paint, where the vegetable drying oil is replaced by a synthetic alkyd resin. This type of oil has a faster speed of drying so it is great for underpainting, impasto and glazing.

Water-Mixable Oil Paint has a modified binder that allows it to accept water as a diluent. This type of Oil Paint is ideal for use in schools and art studios where strong smelling solvents can be a problem.

We stock the following ranges of Oil Paints:

Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paint

Winsor and Newton Artist Oil Colour has a worldwide reputation amongst professional Artists as being the best traditional Artists Oil Paint. Each of the 116 colours in the range is individually formulated to achieve the optimum tinting strength, covering power and stability from the pigment. The full range of colours is available in 37ml tubes and a reduced range of 32 colours in 200ml tubes.

Winton Oil Paint

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour has been developed to provide an excellent quality Oil Paint at a lower cost. Some of the more costly traditional pigments have been replaced by modern alternatives. This paint is ideal for students and for professional artists that need large volumes of paint at economical prices. There is a range of 47 colours available in 37ml and 200ml tubes.

Old Holland Classic Oil Paint

Still produced using traditional methods that have been proven over many years, Old Holland Classic Oil Colour is one of the finest quality Artists Oil Paints. The only medium used to produce this paint is cold-pressed extra virgin linseed oil, to obtain an optimum oxidisation (drying) of the paint. This increases durability and brushstroke spread. A huge range of 168 colours are available in 40ml tubes.

Pebeo Studio XL Oil Paint

Pebeo has produced a very modern range of oil colours with Studio XL Oil Paint. As well as traditional colours, the range offers 7 Dyna colours formulated from interference pigments which allow the colours to change depending on the angle of light refraction. A total of 64 colours are available in 200/180ml tubes.

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paint

Made in England by Daler Rowney, Georgian Oil Paints offer a range of 54 permanent and brilliant colours. It is a student quality Oil Paint with high pigment load including traditional pigments cadmium and cobalt. Available in 38ml and 225ml tubes.

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint is a genuine Artists quality Oil Paint that has been specially formulated to work with water rather than solvents. Cobra Oil Paint is made in The Netherlands by Royal Talens.

The advantage of these oils is that messy, strong odour solvents are no longer required and you can simply thin this paint with water. This makes them a great choice for any travelling artist.

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint

This water mixable oil paint is made by Winsor & Newton. Artisan Oil Paint is made from modified safflower oil and modified linseed oil. You can mix these paints with water so there is no need for traditional solvents. You can also clean your brushes with just soap and water. As no solvents are needed, Artisan Oil Paint is particularly suited for schools or enclosed work spaces.

Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Fast Dring Oil Paint

Griffin Fast Drying Oil Paint comes in a range of 48 colours. The binder is an oil modified resin which produces a faster drying oil paint. The clarity of the resin binder also offers a greater transparency which makes this paint a good choice for glazing techniques. Many artists use this fast drying alkyd paint for underpainting to save time.

Winsor and Newton Artists Oilbar

Winsor and Newton Oilbar is quite simply an Artists' quality Oil Paint in a stick. There is no need for a brush, you can just paint and draw directly onto the canvas. It can be used on its own or with traditional tube oil paint. The range consists of 50 colours in 50ml sticks.

Reeves Oil Paint

A good choice for beginners and school use, Reeves Oil Paint offers an economical way to try oil painting on to canvas. Available in sets of assorted 10ml tubes.

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