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Cobra Study Oil Colour Basic Box

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Cobra Study Water-Mixable Oil Set: Embark on your oil painting journey without the need for solvents with this Cobra Study Water-Mixable Oil Set. Everything you need to start your solvent-free painting experience.

What's inside the box:
A selection of ten Cobra Study water-mixable oil colors in 40 ml tubes.
  - 105 Titanium White
  - 266 Permanent Orange
  - 275 Primary Yellow
  - 315 Pyrrole Red
  - 369 Primary Magenta
  - 409 Burnt Umber
  - 504 Ultramarine
  - 572 Primary Cyan
  - 623 Sap Green
  - 701 Ivory Black
Essentials painting accessories: Painting medium, solvent-free paint thinner, soap, 2 brushes, and a wooden palette.

About Cobra Study:
Cobra Study is the ideal choice for artists seeking the brilliance of traditional oil paints without the use of harmful solvents. Crafted with the same high-quality pigments as the Cobra Artist series, this water-mixable oil paint offers affordability without compromising on excellence. The Cobra Study range, with a thoughtfully selected colour palette, uses a little less pigments that, while still top-notch, are not as finely milled as those found in the Artist series.

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