Winsor & Newton ProMarkers

Winsor & Newton ProMarkers

Promarker pens have been the go to choice among artists and designers since their launch nearly two decades ago. With a rich history in the art supplies industry, Promarkers quickly became a favorite medium for creative enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2012, Winsor & Newton acquired the Promarker brand, infusing it with their legacy of excellence and innovation. Over the years, they have continuously honed and perfected the range of products, making it a top-choice for artists seeking quality and versatility.

Winsor & Newton Promarker: There are an astounding range of 189 colours to choose from, ensuring you'll always find your perfect shade. These alcohol-based markers boast a high-quality broad chisel nib for shading larger areas and a fine bullet tip for precise detailing.

Promarker Brush: Seeking fluid brush-like strokes? The Promarker Brush collection offers 72 colours, featuring alcohol-based ink with a broad chisel nib on one end and a flexible brush nib on the other, perfect for a range of artistic styles.

Promarker Neon: Make your designs pop with 6 brilliant, fluorescent colours in high-quality water-based ink. Add vibrant highlights and definition to your artwork.

Promarker Metallic: Add a touch of sparkle to your designs with 6 shimmering metallic colours, all in water-based ink for that perfect glimmer.

Promarker Watercolour: If you love watercolour effects, these markers are a must-try. Their water-based pigmented ink allows you to return to your work anytime, as you can reactivate the ink with water, even when dry.

Blender Pens: Maximize your artistic potential with the blender pens, compatible with Promarker, Promarker Brush, or any other alcohol-based marker. These double-ended pens contain a clear, alcohol-based solution that allows you to manipulate Promarker colours. Use them as an under-layer or with wet ink to create subtle graduations of colour.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of the blender pen depends on the type of paper being used. For the smoothest results, we recommend using Bleedproof Marker Paper, as it allows more time for blending before the ink dries.

Explore the fantastic world of Promarker pens at Pullingers and let your creativity flourish. These high-quality markers and will add that little bit extra magic to your designs.

Now what colour will you choose?

If you have any questions regarding Winsor & Newton ProMarkers please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

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