Pentel Markers

Pentel Markers

Pentel Markers are high quality permanent Marker Pens. Pullingers stock the Pentel Permanent Twin Tipped Marker in black and the popular Pentel Jumbo Felt Markers in black, red and blue. The Pentel Permanent Twin Tipped Marker Pen is a double ended pen with a 0.5mm fine needle point nib at one end and a wider 1.75mm felt tip nib at the other. This makes it a very versatile permanent pen that is suitable for achieving both fine detailed lines and broader strokes. It is ideal for artists, designers and crafters.

The Pentel Jumbo Felt Marker is an alcohol based permanent marker with an extra broad 14mm chisel nib. The large nib makes it ideal for creating bold notices, posters and signs and is a favourite amongst graphic artists.

What surfaces can you use Pentel Markers on?

Both of these Pentel Marker Pens have alcohol based ink which makes them perfect for use on paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, fabric, metal, rubber and more! The Pentel Twin Tipped Marker works particularly well on vinyl, CDS and DVDs. If you are using Pentel Marker Pens on paper, make sure that it is a thick paper as the ink may bleed through.

Pullingers verdict on Pentel Permanent Marker Pens

If you want a permanent marker pen for a variety of uses then we recommend choosing the Pentel Permanent Twin Tipped Marker as the two nib sizes offer more versatility. The fine nib is ideal for signing artwork and you can create a good variation of pen strokes with the two sizes – great for designers!

If you are after a bold statement then the Pentel Jumbo Felt Marker really does the trick! It is a really useful pen for labelling up artwork and parcels for exhibitions and for large scale drawings and designs. We love this pen as it is a ‘proper marker’ with a hard wearing nib. It does have a strong odour to it though so make sure that you use it in a well ventilated area and keep it away from young children.

If you are looking for a permanent marker pen, then these Pentel Markers really are a great choice!

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