Coloured Paper & Card

Coloured Paper & Card

Have you ever scrunched up a small piece of coloured paper for a collage to stick onto a big piece of coloured A3 card or crafted a yellow swan from a plain coloured sheet of A4? If you haven’t, take it from those that know – the colour (and often the size) of a piece of paper or card can be essential in crafting the results that you want from your art or craft.

Our high quality 300gsm card and 150gsm paper comes in a vast range of brilliant matt colours, perfect for presentation and display. Canford card & paper is also an exciting and versatile medium in its own right for paper sculpture and modelling, decorative arts, collage and craft.

If you can’t find the coloured paper or card that you are looking for, please contact the experts in our customer service department who are eager and waiting to help.

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