Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic Paint

Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic Paint

Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic Paint is a new fluid artists’ acrylic that is very opaque, lightfast and highly pigmented with a matt finish. It has been designed especially for fine art and for using outdoors to create murals and street art.

What colours are available in Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylics?

This water-based acrylic paint is available in 29 colours in 140ml pots and 23 colours in 500ml pots. All of the colours (excluding the fluorescent colours) have excellent lightfastness and no cadmium pigments have been used. The fluorescent colours are transparent, but all the other colours are very opaque.

There are 3 different series available across the colour range, with prices based on the pigments used. Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic is a highly pigmented matt acrylic paint.

What surfaces can Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic be used on?

Pebeo MAT Pub can be applied to virtually any surface providing the surface has been correctly prepared first. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying. Remove any dust and dirt on outside walls first if using the Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic to decorate an exterior wall.

You can use Pebeo MAT Pub fluid acrylic on paper, canvas, wood, metal, rendering, fabrics, wall mounts, masonry, brickwork, etc. It is a permanent and weather resistant paint.

How to apply Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic:

This paint is easy to apply and gives a smooth finish with no visible brush strokes. Apply Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylic with a paintbrush, roller, sponge, stencil, palette knife, airbrush or whatever takes your fancy! Or why not pour it straight from the pot and watch it drip down a canvas or wall for a more abstract piece of art.

This highly versatile acrylic paint is suitable for creating large backgrounds of solid colour or for creating overlays and washes. To use it in an airbrush dilute it with around 50% of water.

It dries in a few minutes to 1 hour depending on the surface that it is applied to and the thickness of the paint application. Colours are so strong and opaque that you only need to apply 1 coat, making it very economical. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Pebeo MAT Pub Acrylics can be used and inter-mixed with the whole Pebeo acrylic paint and medium range, including Pebeo Studio Acrylics and Mediums.

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