Case Bound Hardback Sketchbooks

Case Bound Hardback Sketchbooks

Case Bound Hardback Sketchbooks tend to have the pages sewn together and glued to the hard cover. We sell all your favourite Sketchbook brands – Seawhite, Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney. Each of these Sketchbooks contain a high quality white cartridge paper for drawing, sketching, charcoal, pen and ink, mixed media and light use of water-based paint.

Tips for using Case Bound Hardback Sketchbooks:

If you like sketching across a double page spread, then Case Bound Hardback Sketchbooks are the right choice for you. With no awkward spiral binding in the way, you have the opportunity to create big or small drawings.

We don’t recommend sticking too many loose images, photographs, etc, in to a Case Bound Sketchbook as you will find that you won’t be able to close the cover! If you want to insert a lot of loose items into your Sketchbook, then you might prefer a Spiral Bound Sketchbook.

Also, be careful if you want to remove pages / sketches in a Sketchbook with a sewn binding. They way that they are bound means that another page will come out further along in the Sketchbook. If you want a Case Bound Hardback Sketchbook where you can remove the pages, choose one with perforated pages, such as the Winsor & Newton Hard Back White Paper Sketchbooks or Daler Rowney Hard Back Ivory Paper Sketchbooks.

If you want something really different, then try the Seawhite Concertina Sketchbook. This Sketchbook has all the pages joined together and folded up to offer an unlimited sketching space!

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