Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paint

Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paint

Pebeo Deco Acrylic a new concept of acrylic paints developed by those innovative people at Pebeo for craft, restoration, customisation and DIY. A perfect paint for reviving and customising furniture and old household objects. It is also an amazing range for artists to experiment with water-based mixed media. The Deco 45ml acrylics have been updated and a range of sprays, markers, heavy body acrylics, acrylic inks and auxiliaries have been added.

Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paint for all Painting and Craft Techniques

Pebeo Deco 45ml pots have been updated. Still the same high quality fluid acrylic but now in 2016 a new colour range including matt, gloss and pearl colours. Pebeo DecoSpray is a water based acrylic spray paint that can be used indoors. Pebeo DecoMarker an acrylic paint marker. 4 nib sizes, 47 colours. Permanent and lightfast.

Are Pebeo Deco Acrylics Intermixable?

Deco acrylics have been developed by Pebeo to be mixed together. New techniques in water based mixed media can be discovered with this range. All Deco paints can be mixed, diluted with water or superimposed over dry layers.

Can I use Pebeo Deco Paints on Polystyrene?

Because the whole range of Deco Acrylics are water-based, they are perfect for use on most clean and dry surfaces including polystyrene. This includes the DecoSpray (except for chrome gold and silver which are solvent based). Use Deco Acrylic on all of your polystyrene models, designs and school projects.

Browse our range of Pebeo Deco Acrylics here. If you have any questions or would like help with choosing the right paint for your craft project please do not hesitate to contact us.

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