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Pebeo decoMarkers

Pebeo decoMarkers

Pebeo decoMarkers are marker pens that contain acrylic water and pigment-based paint. You can use these permanent acrylic paint pens on most surfaces including paper, cardboard, canvas, cotton fabrics, glass, metal, wood, plastic, plaster and terracotta.

DecoMarkers are available in a variety of sizes and up to 47 colours. They are easy to use and designed for drawing, writing and painting. The colours are opaque and can be mixed and blended together and overlapped once dry. The paint doesn’t drip or run and with great coverage, decoMarkers are the perfect choice for crafters, students and artists.

Use Pebeo decoMarkers with the rest of the Pebeo Deco range such as Pebeo Deco Acrylic Paints and Pebeo DecoSpray Paints to create larger pieces of art and for craft and school projects.

What sizes are available in Pebeo decoMarkers?

There are 4 different sizes of markers to suit a range of painting and drawing techniques.

0.7mm decoMarker with an extra fine needle point nib – Ideal for outlining, writing and fine detail drawing.
1.2mm decoMarker with a fine round nib – Use for outlining, writing, drawing and for filling in small areas of colour.
4mm decoMarker round nib – Suitable for all types of drawing, painting and illustrative work and for laying down large areas of solid colour.
4mm decoMarker chisel nib – The angled chisel tip on this pen can be used for filling in large areas of solid colour, large calligraphic lettering, thick lines and bold strokes.

Pebeo decoMarker Sets are also available. All markers come with a replacement nib in the lid.

What colours do Pebeo decoMarkers come in?

There are up to 47 colours in the range, including fluorescent and precious (metallic and glitter) colours. The 0.7mm decoMarker consists of 16 colours, 13 of which are opaque and 3 are precious colours. 1.2mm decoMarkers come in the full 47 colour range, 36 of which are opaque colours, 3 fluorescents and 8 precious colours. Both the chisel and round 4mm decoMarkers are available in 16 colours (12 opaque, 4 precious).

How do I Use Pebeo decoMarkers?

Shake the paint pen well before use for at least 5 seconds. On a scrap piece of paper, press the nib down several times until the paint flows through and colours the tip. Your decoMarker is now ready to use!

The paint is touch dry in 10 - 30 mins and fully dry after 6 - 12 hours (time varies depending on the surface decorated). Store Pebeo decoMarkers flat when not in use.

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