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Mounting And Framing

Pullingers Art Shop has a large range of Art Supplies for professional artists, amateurs, students and designers. Whether you’re framing your painting or mounting your latest designs and ideas, we have a selection of Mountboards and Mount Cutters that are sure to meet your needs. Mountboard is very versatile and can be used not only for mounting and displaying artwork and photographs but also for model making and picture framing.

Cutting Mountboards can be tricky if you have the wrong equipment. When you have a beautiful painting or drawing that you want to frame or some artwork that you need to mount for a presentation or Art Exhibition, it is important to take some time and care to finish it off properly and get a professional look. Mount Cutters give you that professional finish. They can be used to cut both a 90° straight edge at ease or a 45° bevelled edge for the inside of the mount. Alternatively, we have a selection of readymade pre-cut mounts available.

We stock the following range of Mountboard and Mount Cutters:

Mountboard & Backing Board

We have a vast range of high quality Mountboards and Backing Boards available including A1 Daler Rowney Studland Mountboard, Black Core Mountboard and Grey Board. Mounting Boards can be used for displays, picture framing, presentations, exhibitions, model making and other arts and crafts projects. All of our Mountboards and Backing boards are flat packed in rigid boxes for safe and secure delivery and are at very competitive prices.

Ready Cut Picture Mountboards

Pre-Cut Picture Mounts are used for framing artwork. They come in popular readymade frame sizes and are perfect for adding that finishing touch to any drawing or painting. Picture Mounts are used by framers, photographers and artists to enhance their prints and paintings to a professional standard. They are widely used by artists in Art Exhibitions so that there is no need to frame every piece of artwork which can be costly. All of our Pre-Cut Mounts are produced using Daler Rowney Studland Mountboard.

Mount Cutters

If you exhibit your paintings and drawings a lot and are often using Pre-Cut Mounts then you may find that purchasing a Mount Cutter is going to save you a lot of money and give you a lot more options when mounting and framing your art. Mount Cutters come in lots of styles and variations and we have basic Mount Cutters for beginners and students to Mount Cutting Kits for amateurs and professional artists and framers. We stock the high quality brands Logan and Jakar.

Mount Cutters attach to a cutting ruler, often metal, so that a 90° straight edge and 45° bevelled edge can easily be cut to produce a professional mount for framing. They are a lot better than just using a heavy duty knife as they give a much smoother cut and prevent cut fingers and mistakes!

Let’s face it, we have all done it, created a painting or a drawing that you want to frame but realise that it’s not a readymade frame size so you take it to the framers and find out that it’s going to cost you a lot! Well, why not invest in a Mount Cutter and create your own picture mounts?!

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