Ecoline Brush Pens

Ecoline Brush Pens

Ecoline Brush Pens by Royal Talens are brush pens with a liquid watercolour ink. These beautiful pens produce transparent colour thanks to the high concentration of colour in the ink. Ecoline Brush Pens single colours come in 59 vivid transparent colours and a Blender Pen or you can buy Ecoline Brush Pen Sets in 5, 10, 20 or 30 colours.

How do Ecoline Brush Pens work?

Ecoline Brush Pens have a large brush tip that is 5mm in width across its base. This means they can be used for fine detail and colouring inlarger areas of colour depending on the pressure put on the tip. These colourful markers work instantly when the tip hits the paper, producing effortless lines. Ecoline Pens can even be mixed by using them on a glossy surface, such as a pallet or a piece of acetate.

What surfaces can Ecoline Brush Pens be used on?

You can use these pens on Bristol Board, Marker paper or sketching paper. These pens can be worked well with water, producing watercolour-like effects and artists wishing to achieve this would benefit by using them on watercolour paper and mixed media paper.

Why we love Ecoline Brush Pens

With their large brush tip that is 8mm in length, the Ecoline Brush Pen range is ideal for large expressive sketches, colouring in digital art and even for some craft projects. The colours are very vibrant, making your piece of art really stand out. Ideal for fine artists, illustrators, designers and crafters, as well as calligraphers, watercolour artists and anyone who loves to draw!

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