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Ecoline Brush Pen Set Of 30

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This set of Ecoline Brush Pens contains a comprehensive range of 30 colours, including the blender pen. Ecoline Brush Pens are a liquid watercolour in a pen format with a 5mm brush tip. They are easy to use and contain a dye based ink, producing vibrant transparent colours.

Ecoline Brush Pens are perfect for sketching, drawing, calligraphy, fashion design, illustration and watercolour painting. Create watercolour effects and washes with them by adding water to them with a paintbrush or use the Blender Brush Pen to blend colours together.

Once dry, colours can be re-worked and bleded further by adding more water. Use a thick paper such as Bristol Board or Watercolour Paper if you are going to be adding water with these Brush Pens.

The 30 colours included in this Ecoline Brush Pen Set are:

Light Yellow 201
Deep Yellow 202
Lemon Yellow 205
Yellow Ochre 227
Chartreuse 233
Light Orange 236
Deep Orange 237
Vermilion 311
Carmine 318
Scarlet 334
Magenta 337
Deep Ochre 407
Burnt Sienna 411
Sepia 416
Red Brown 422
Ultramarine Deep 506
Ultramarine Violet 507
Prussian Blue 508
Turquoise Blue 522
Red Violet 545
Blue Violet 548
Sky Blue Cyan 578
Green 600
Light Green 601
Deep Green 602
Forest Green 656
Black 700
Cold Grey 717
Warm Grey 718
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