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Rembrandt 60 Half Pastels Basic Set

Royal Talens
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This Rembrandt 60 Half Length Pastel Set contains a general colour selection in a foam lined cardboard box.

Rembrandt Artists' Soft Pastels are manufactured with the purest extra fine pigments which gives them their characteristic softness and excellent colour release. These pastels have a very high colouring power and brilliant colour tones which can be easily blended.

This Rembrandt 60 Half Pastel Set contains the following colours:
White Tint 5.
Lemon Yellow Tint 8.
Lemon Yellow Tint 5.
Light Yellow Tint 7.
Light Yellow Tint 5.
Deep Yellow Tint 7.
Deep Yellow Tint 5.
Light Orange Tint 9.
Light Orange Tint 5.
Orange Tint 8.
Orange Tint 5.
Permanent Red Tint 5.
Madder Lake Deep Tint 7.
Madder Lake Deep Tint 5.
Carmine Tint 8.
Permanent Rose Tint 9.
Red Violet Tint 5.
Red Violet Tint 3.
Violet Tint 9.
Blue Violet Tint 7.
Ultramarine Deep Tint 7.
Ultramarine Deep Tint 5.
Ultramarine Light Tint 9.
Prussian Blue Tint 7.
Phthalo Blue Tint 5.
Bluish Green Tint 9.
Bluish Green Tint 7.
Permanent Green Deep Tint 5.
Phthalo Green Tint 8.
Phthalo Green Tint 5.
Cinnabar Green Deep Tint 5.
Cinnabar Green Deep Tint 3.
Permanent Green Light Tint 9.
Permanent Green Light Tint 5.
Cinnabar Green Light Tint 9.
Cinnabar Green Light Tint 5.
Cinnabar Green Light Tint 3.
Olive Green Tint 7.
Olive Green Tint 5.
Olive Green Tint 3.
Yellow Ochre Tint 9.
Yellow Ochre Tint 7.
Yellow Ochre Tint 5.
Raw Sienna Tint 5.
Gold Ochre Tint 7.
Burnt Sienna Tint 9.
Burnt Sienna Tint 7.
Burnt Sienna Tint 5.
Burnt Umber Tint 9.
Burnt Umber Tint 7.
Burnt Umber Tint 5.
Mars Violet Tint 5.
Raw Umber Tint 9.
Raw Umber Tint 7.
Raw Umber Tint 5.
Grey Tint 8.
Grey Tint 5.
Bluish Grey Tint 8.
Bluish Grey Tint 5.
Black Tint 5
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