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Product code: RT02843425

Van Gogh Oil Colour Superior Wooden Box

Royal Talens
Our Price £289.50
RRP £425.00

The Van Gogh Oil Colour Superior Set by Royal Talens is a beautifully presented set that features Artist's oil colours, mediums and accessories in a stunning wooden box set. The strong and sturdy box opens to reveal well-made compartments to hold everything the oil artist needs. The metal clasps hold the box securely shut, and the strong metal handle has a leather covering for comfort. When the box is opened, a small shelf lifts up to store paintbrushes, pallet knives, charcoal and more, leaving space for the mediums underneath it. The Van Gogh Superior Wooden Box Set comes in a cardboard outer box which shows information on the Van Gogh brand, as well as a list of colours and contents.

The Van Gogh Oil Colour Superior Wooden Box Set contains:
1X 3014 Talens Painting Knife
1x Double Pallet Cup
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x Plastic Tube with 3 Round Charcoal Sticks
1x 75ml Talens Odourless White Spirit
1x 75ml Talens Retouching Varnish
1x 75ml Talens Picture Varnish Gloss
1x 60ml Tube Painting Paste
1x 60ml Tube 104- Zinc White
1x 60ml Tube 105- Titanium White
32x 20ml tubes Van Gogh Oil Colour:
267- Azo Yellow Lemon, 268- Azo Yellow Light, 269- Azo Yellow Medium, 270- Azo Yellow Deep, 222- Naples Yellow Light, 223- Naples Yellow Deep, 224- Naples Yellow Red, 276- Azo Orange, 312- Azo Red Light, 393- Azo Red Medium, 313- Azo Red Deep, 366- Quinacridone Rose, 331- Vermillion, 536- Violet, 504- Ultramarine, 512- Cobalt Blue (Ultra), 530- Sévres Blue, 535- Cerulean Blue (Phthalo), 570- Phthalo Blue, 522- Turquoise Blue, 617- Yellowish Green, 614- Permanent Green Medium, 615- Emerald Green, 675- Phthalo Green, 623- Sap Green, 227- Yellow Ochre, 234- Raw Sienna, 41-- Burnt Sienna, 339- Light Oxide Red, 409- Burnt Umber, 403- Van Dyke Brown, 701- Ivory Black.
1x Series 210 ChungKing Hog Bristle Brush Flat Size 10
1x Series 211 ChungKing Hog Bristle Round Size 6
1x Series 232 Ox Hair Pointed Filbert Size 8
1x Series 235 Ox Hair Round Size 4
1x Series 294 Synthetic Golden Fibre Flat Size 12

Ideal as a special gift for the oil painter in your life, as well as a fabulous treat for yourself, the Van Gogh Oil Colour Superior Box Set would make a great addition to the artist's studio.

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