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Pebeo Studio XL Oil Set - 12 x 20ml Complementary Colours

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Pebeo Studio XL oil can be applied in thin or thick layers with a brush or a knife, alone or mixed with different auxiliaries.

Pebeo Studio oil colours are glossy and intense, and also smooth. They have great stability over time. Allow 2-3 days for an average application to be touch dry. Allow 6-9 months of drying before varnishing.

Can be used easily on surfaces such as canvas, cardboard or wood.

This set contains:

  • 12 colours included: Bright yellow, Vivid red, Dioxazine purple, Vivid turquoise, Bright green, Sap green, Yellow ochre, Bright pink, Burnt umber, Payne's grey, Vivid white, Ivory white.
  • A size 6 flat brush
  • A canvas board
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