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Pebeo Studio XL Oil Set of 24x12ml

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This set of Pebeo Studio oil paints offers a wide range of 24x12ml tubes of vibrant colours that are long lasting and  glossy. They can be painted onto a variety of surfaces such as wood, canvas or cardboard. The set contains high quality, permanent oil paints and the assortment makes a great addition to the collection of any artist. Drying time can take between 2-3 days however this is dependant on the thickness of the application.

The colours that are included in this set are: Primary Cadmium Yellow Hue 02, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue 03, Cadmium Orange Hue 04, Cadmium Light Red Hue 05, Magenta 07, Crimson 43, Cobalt Violet Light 28, Prussian Blue 10, Ultramarine Blue 14, Primary Phthalo Blue 11, Cerruleum Blue Hue 13, English Light Green 15, Phthalocyanine Emerald 18, Sap Green 17, Naples Yellow 19, Yellow Ochre 20, Bright Pink 27, Red Ochre 42, Burnt Sienna 22, Burnt Umber 23, Payne's Grey 45, Ivory Black Hue 24, Imitation Zinc White 46 and Titanium White 25.

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