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Van Gogh Oil Expert Wooden Box

Royal Talens
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The Van Gogh Oil Expert Wooden Box is a beautifully presented set from Royal Talens that contains everything the professional artist needs to paint with oils successfully. The gorgeous wooden box seals perfectly with sturdy metal clasps, and the strong handle folds down so that it doesn't protrude from the box. The wooden box is protected by a cardboard outer box which provides information about the Van Gogh paint range, as well as showing a full list of contents.

Included in this set are:
24 Tubes of 20ml Van gogh Oil Colours:
267- Azo Yellow Lemon, 269- Azo Yellow Medium, 270- Azo Yellow Deep, 224- Naples Yellow Red, 276- Azo Orange, 312- Azo Red Light, 393- Azo Red Medium, 313- Azo Red Deep, 366- Quinacridone Rose, 331- Madder Lake Deep, 536- Violet, 504- Ultramarine, 512- Cobalt Blue (Phthalo), 530- Sévres Blue, 535- Cerulean Blue (Phthalo), 617- Yellowish Green, 614- Permanent Green Middle, 675- Phthalo Green, 623- Sap Green, 227- Yellow Ochre, 339- Light Oxide Red, 411- Burnt Sienna, 409- Burnt Umber, 701- Ivory Black
1x 60ml Tube 104- Zinc White
1x 60ml Tube 105- Titanium White
1x Double Pallet Clip
1x Talens Pallet Knife No, 3014
1x Pot of 3 round Charcoal Sticks
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x 75ml Talens Picture Varnish Glossy
1x 75ml Talens Painting Medium
1x 75ml Talens Artist Quality Odourless White Spirit
1x Size 12 Series 294 Flat Synthetic
1x Size 10 Series 210 ChungKing Hog Bristle Flat
1x Size 6 Series 211 ChungKing Hog Bristle Round
1x Van Gogh Colour Chart
1x Wooden Pallet

Ideal as a gift for the professional oil painter, as well as a special treat for yourself, this fantastic Van Gogh Oil Expert Wooden Box would be a great addition to any oil painter's studio, and can be added to using paints from Van Gogh's range of 66 quality colours.

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