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Copic Ciao Marker Set of 72 - Set B

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Copic Ciao markers are easy-to-use, vibrant coloured marker pens from the Japanese company Too. The permanent, non-toxic alcohol based inks are smooth, translucent and streak-free, providing an even coverage effortlessly. With a brush tip and an angled chisel tip, these markers make a great gift for any budding fashion or graphics designer, as well as for landscaping and architecture. The soft, flexible brush tip means that these pens are ideally suited to a range of hobby and craft projects, such as calligraphy, rubber stamping and scrapbooking tasks.

As there are 180 different coloured Copic Ciao markers available, the caps are designed to match as closely as possible to the ink inside the pen, providing an easy way to pick exactly the right colour for the job. The smooth round plastic barrel makes these pens easy to hold, even for long periods of time.

The colours in this set of 72 pens (Set B) are:

Y11- Pale Yellow, Y15- Cadmium Yellow, Y21- Buttercup Yellow, Y28- Lionet Gold, Y38- honey, YR16- Apricot, YR23- Yellow Ochre, YR31- Light Reddish Yellow, YR61- Yellowish Skin Pink, YR68- Orange, R00- Pinkish White, R05- Salmon Red, R11- Pale Cherry Pink, R17- Lipstick Orange, R22- Light Prawn, R35- Coral, R37- Carmine, R46- Strong Red, R85- Rose Red, RV000- Pale Purple, RV06- Cerise, RV13- Tender Pink, RV34- Dark Pink, RV95- Baby Blossoms, V000- Pale Heath, V06- Lavender, V15- Mallow, V91- Pale Grape, V95- Light Grape, BV15- Hydrangea Blue, BV17- Deep Reddish Blue, BV23- Greyish Lavender, BV29- Slate, BV31- Pale Lavender, B02- Robins Egg Blue, B12- Ice Blue, B45- Smoky Blue, B60- Pale Blue Grey, B63- Light Hydrangea, B93- Light Crockery Blue, B95- Light Greyish Cobalt, B97- Night Blue, BG05- Holiday Blue, BG34- Horizon Green, BG49- Duck Blue, BG96- Blush, G0000- Pale Green, G07- Nile Green, G14- Apple Green, G28- Ocean Green, G85- Verdigris, G94- Greyish Olive, YG00- Mimosa Yellow, YG23- New Leaf, YG63- Pea Green, YG91- Putty, YG95- Pale Olive, E11- Barely Beige, E31- Brick Beige, E43- Dull Ivory, E49- Dark Bark, E50- Egg Shell, E53- Raw Silk, E57- Light Walnut, E71- Champagne, E77- Maroon, E93- Tea Rose, E95- Flesh Pink, W-1- Warm Grey 1, W-3- Warm Grey 3, W-5- Warm Grey 5, W-7- Warm Grey 7.

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